Babywearing Support

Babywearing can be enabling and reassuring for parents and children alike – supporting bonding and attachment, easing colic and reflux, and making it easier to get things done around the house, head out for coffee with friends or take a walk in the park.

As a trained Babywearing Consultant, Louise offers one-to-one and small group support to parents and caregivers wanting to carry their children safely, comfortably and confidently.

Consultations and workshops include:

  • Time to discuss your babywearing needs
  • Tuition on babywearing safety and positioning
  • A demonstration of your preferred sling or carry
  • Tuition in the use of your preferred sling or carry
  • Time to build your confidence using a specially weighted babywearing doll and your child
  • Follow-up support by phone, email or skype if required
  • Links to online tutorials and information to support your learning

Consultations are available in your home, or another suitable location, and last up to 2 hours to allow you to meet your baby’s needs without rushing your learning.

Shorter sessions are also available for those with experience of babywearing wanting to troubleshoot problems, perfect a technique or learn a new carry.

Louise specialises in support for:

  • Stretchy wraps (e.g. Moby, Hana, Boba, etc.)
  • Hybrid stretchy wraps (e.g. Close Caboo, Wrapsody, etc.)
  • Woven wraps (short and long)
  • Mei dais, half-buckle and other Asian carriers
  • Ring slings

She can also help you to get more out of your existing soft-structured (buckle) carrier, and can provide guidance on feeding in a sling.

Crazy Little Sling aims to make babywearing support accessible to all.

You will be asked to pay £20 and complete a short questionnaire before your consultation.

If you can afford it, we also ask that you make a £20 donation following your consultation to help provide babywearing support to families in need.

Contact Louise to discuss your needs and arrange a time.

Safety Guidelines

Always follow TICKS guidelines for safe babywearing:


More information about safe carrying in wraps, slings or carriers can be found here.

Positioning for healthy hips and spine

Babywearing promotes healthy spinal and hip development when babies are properly supported in a “spread squat” position. Outward-facing positions are not recommended in any baby carrier for extended periods of time as they may place a strain on your baby’s hips and spine.

JPMBB positioning


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