REVIEW – Treeloved Wovens handwoven tester

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Treeloved Wovens is a small handwoven wrap brand based out of Washington State in the US. They currently have a beautiful size 2 (2.7m) tester touring the UK that I was lucky enough to be given to try last month.

The tester is beautiful – it looks like shades of green at first glance, but closer inspection reveals a veritable rainbow of colours from blues to purples and even orange and red – a tribute to the care with which the yarn was dyed by hand. It is also unlike any wrap I’ve used before.

In some ways it’s a beast – at 543gsm (grams per square metre) it’s by far and away the heaviest weight wrap I’ve ever used (most wrappers would consider wraps of >300gsm to be heavyweight). On the other hand, it is also one of the softest, most tactile wraps I’ve come across. I suspect much of this can be attributed to the wrap’s Cotton / Lyocell warp and Tencel weft which gives it the most incredible drape – imagine the lovechild of your favourite blanket and your favourite shawl and you’ll be somewhere towards imagining the texture.

In spite of its weight, the thick yarn gives the wrap a fairly open weave leaving it feeling airy while providing outstanding cush (comfort on the shoulders). It also moulds easily around parent and child when wrapping.

My biggest wrapping challenge with this beauty was its intense grip – after struggling to achieve a satisfactory reef knot, I changed tack to slip knots with much better results. Once tightened you could walk for miles in this wrap without it slipping an inch and the knots are large and lush.


Beautiful, but potentially a little grippy and high maintenance (hand wash only) for quick and easy daily use. This wrap would make a stunning statement piece for special occasions. It would also sing as a shawl once babywearing days are done.

Treeloved woven rating

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