Criss Cross! – Pre-tied carries with woven wraps

Woven wraps are beautiful, tactile and comfortable, but can be seen as a faff. For a wet day at the park, with a child that wants to go up and down a lot, or for quick runs to the shops it may be tempting to reach for buckles or a pushchair as an easier option.

At last month’s Crazy Little Sling meet we tackled this temptation head-on by teaching three easy and supportive pre-tied carries:

  • Front Cross Carry – with a base size* wrap
  • Short Front Cross Carry with a ring – with a base – 2 wrap
  • Inside out Coolest Hip Cross Carry – with a base -2 wrap

*Base size is the shortest wrap that you  can use for a Front Wrap Cross Carry with your child – for most people this will be a size 5, 6 or 7. 

All of these carries have the advantage that they can be tied before leaving the house and left on, while popping your child in and out as required, for as long as you like. This avoids any issues with long tails getting muddy or wet, is quick and easy, and prevents you having to wrap from scratch in public until you feel confident to do so. As there is no horizontal pass in these carries they are best used with babies and toddlers that have good head control and are sitting unaided.

A Traditional Sling Carry (base -4 wrap) is also a great pre-tied carry for quick trips and can be used as a front carry from newborn.

Reminders of how to achieve each of these are shown below.

If you’d like to learn more, or would feel happier practising with a babywearing doll come along to our next Crazy Little Sling meet – details here or on our Facebook page.

In the meantime, feel free to ask questions, share tips and post photos in our Crazy Little Slingers chat group. See you there!

Front Cross Carry (base size):

Short Front Cross Carry with a ring (base – 2):

Inside Out Coolest Hip Cross Carry (base -2):

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