REVIEW – Luna Woven Wraps

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One of the wonderful things about our Crazy Little Sling meets is how often we get parents coming along to try woven wraps for the first time. As with any quality baby carriers, wraps come at a cost and the sheer range of available wrap brands, blends, weights and sizes – not to mention the range of prices – can be hard to navigate for new wrappers.

While sling libraries are a great way to get a feel for different wraps, I tend to recommend a ‘base size’ wrap as a good first purchase – ‘base size’ is the shortest wrap you can comfortably use for a Front Wrap Cross Carry and will depend on the size of you and your baby / child. For most people ‘base size’ will be size 5 (4.2m), 6 (4.7m) or 7 (5.2m).

I’m also very conscious that most new wrappers don’t want to spend upwards of £100 on a wrap, so I’m always on the look out for good quality, affordable wrap brands to recommend.  I was thrilled when the lovely Joanna from Carry My Baby offered to send us three Luna Woven Wraps to try.

Luna Woven Wraps are woven in Romania, 100% cotton, retail for around £65 for a size 6 and are at the lighter end of medium weight at 215gsm (grams per square metre). We were sent three to try – two from the Tara herringbone weave range (a size 4 and a size 6) and a new Hestia ‘hearts’ jacquard woven wrap (size 6). Luna wraps are available to buy in sizes 3-7 and as ring slings.

My first impression was of the beautiful vibrant colours. I personally preferred the zingy look of the rainbow herringbone weave wraps and enjoyed playing with flipping the rails to create funky-looking finishes, but then I don’t tend to wear a lot of red. Different coloured rails can also be helpful for new wrappers to help them ensure that any twisting is intentional!

All three wraps were soft to the touch and produced a nice solid wrap job with no bounce – while my wrapee is only 11 months old, it felt like they could happily be used from newborn to toddler.  I particularly liked the slight diagonal stretch created by the herringbone weave which helped the wraps to mould beautifully around me and my wrapee without creating sag during longer carries.

The texture of the wraps made them quite grippy – this made them forgiving of sloppy wrap jobs and great with a slip knot or ring finish, but it did mean that a little effort was required to achieve really neat multi-layer carries.

The airiness of the herringbone weave gave the wraps a ‘cush’ (comfort on the shoulders) in longer carries that I hadn’t been expecting. In spite of this airiness, none of the wraps had long floats in their weave, so I’d expect them to be fairly resistant to pulls and, in 100% cotton, nice and easy to care for.


I enjoyed using these wraps and would happily recommend them to new wrappers. They fall into a similar price bracket to other affordable brands like Little Frog and Yaro, offer good quality for the price, are easy to care for and would be suitable for use from newborn to toddler.

Luna Wraps Rating

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